Spin Fun Knowin' Ya is the pilot episode of the canon Happy Tree Friends internet series. This is the debut episode for Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, and Lumpy.

Plot Edit

This pilot episode begins with Lumpy spinning a merry-go-round with Cuddles, Giggles, and Toothy on it. They tell Lumpy to spin the merry-go-round faster out of excitement. Lumpy obliges and starts spinning it faster. Toothy then loses his grip and suddenly flies off of the merry-go-round and onto a tree, killing him and breaking both of his teeth off.

Giggles starts hugging a pole for dear life when she realizes that Lumpy is spinning the merry-go-round too fast. The bar she's holding onto suddenly breaks and Giggles along with the pole flies off. Her body gets cut in half when she flies right into a tree stump. Giggles' upper body slowly slides down until the pole she was hanging onto impales her chest.

Meanwhile, Cuddles holds a pole with a tight grip in hopes of not flying off like his other two friends. Sadly, Cuddles does not hang on for long and then flies off of the merry-go-round with his hands ripped off and still holding onto the merry-go-round. Cuddles flies into the engine of an airplane, chopping and shredding him into tiny bits with very little body parts remaining.

After all the carnage, Lumpy stops spinning the merry-go-round and is out of breath from all the strength he used to spin it. Formerly oblivious to his friends' deaths, he finally notices that all the tree friends are gone and that Cuddles' severed hands are all that remain on the merry-go-round. Upon seeing this, he then walks away with his hands in his pockets while whistling, pretending he didn't do anything. After Lumpy walks away, the episode closes in on Cuddles' hands sliding down the pole, ending the episode.

Moral Edit

"Don't forget to floss!"

Deaths Edit

  1. Toothy flies off the merry-go-round and slams into a tree, breaking his bones and back.
  2. Giggles flies into a tree stump, cutting her body in half. Her chest is then impaled by the detached merry-go-round bar.
  3. Cuddles flies off the merry-go-round and into a plane's engine, shredding him to bits.

Injuries Edit

  1. Cuddles' hands are ripped off from the force of the merry-go-round spinning too fast.